Our Leaders

Walmer has been very fortunate to have a GREAT team of Scouters who all work together for the good of the Group. While Each Scouter has their own specific role ALL the Scouters assist wherever needed in all branches of the group. This team work has been what has set Walmer apart and the key to our success. This is even evident in our Scouter nicknames, with only 1 Scouter in the group actually having a traditional Pack Scouters nickname. 

As with all Groups, the Pack and Troop went through a downward spiral 11 years ago and with this wonderful core of Scouters (past and present) Walmer has built up the Group and taken it to great new heights and we continue to strive for success!



GS = Jimmy “Baloo” de scande

Jimmy first joined Walmer Group 11 years ago as a parent when his son joined Cubs. He helped out as a parent Pack helper for a few years and during this time took over as Chairman of the Group Committee. Eventually Jimmy was persuaded to go into uniform and underwent training as a Pack Scouter and completed Cub Camping training, taking on the warrant as Assistant Pack Scouter.  After awhile he took over as Pack Scouter and together with his team continued to build the pack from strength to strength.  As an experienced ex soldier his various outdoor skills were put to use training the Scouts during this time and Jimmy took part in Troop Scouter training too and fulfilling the role of assistant Troop Scouter. It was therefore the natural progression to step into the position of Group Scouter which he has ably been performing for a number of years.

AGS = Jeff “Eagle” Ferreira

Jeff has had a long history with Walmer having originally joining Walmer as a Scout at first Walmer. Over the years Jeff has been Assistant Troop Scouter, Pack Helper, Troop Scouter,  Group Scouter and Rover. He has completed training in all 3 branches of the Scout movement (Cub, Scout & Rover) up to Woodbadge, as well as GS Com, advanced adult training courses and speciality courses including Cub Camping, Water charge certificate.  After a few years away from Walmer while he lived in Durban, Jeff returned to Walmer and stepped straight back into the position of Group Scouter of a then struggling Group. His first duty was recruiting and rebuilding and he was instrumental in the development of the current Scouter team at 1st Walmer. Alongside his Group duties he also headed up Provincial Training as therefore also had a big hand in the training of this great team of Scouters. He eventually stepped down as Group Scouter and handed over the reins to Jimmy, undertaking to continue his support of 1st Walmer as Assistant Group Scouter and fulfilling the role of outdoor / hiking advisors, ensuring that the Scout’s hiking skills are top notch, as well as administrative advisor.


TS = Kath “Aqua” Douglas

Kath was both a Brownie and a Guide (girls in Scouting is a relatively new concept) and as a young Guide assisted as a Cub instructor, and eventually became a Pack Scouter at 1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts, where she also started Rovers. She underwent Rover & Pack Scouter training, completing her Woodbadge in both branches as well as completing Cub camping and Water charge certificate while living in Cape Town.  After moving to PE, Kath was involved with Rovers, helping out as needed in a number of Groups until being recruited by Jeff to assist as Pack Scouter at 1st Walmer for 6 months to train a new Pack Scouter.  Those 6 months have eventually turned into 12 years as Kath then started assisting with the Troop and completed her Scout Woodbadge during, as well as advance adult training courses.  Eventually Kath took over as Troop Scouter when the Troop Scouter moved across to Cotswold Scout Group.

ATS = Stuart “Chilli” Black

Stuart was a Cub and Scout in Gauteng at 1st Bedfordview Scout Troop before moving to PE where he was recruited into Walmer by Jeff in 2010.  Stuart has since completed his Troop Warrant training as well as Water Awareness.  He has also been involved in Rovers while in PE and has become a pinnacle part of the Scouter team here

ATS = Stephen & Andrew King

Stephen and Andrew are identical twins and have been confusing the Scouters since they were Scouts at Walmer. They have always been a big part of the Walmer family and it was a natural progression for them to join the Scouter team when they turned 18, 3 years ago. They have completed their Troop Warrant training, and assist with Troop meeting and events. They have also become involved with assisting the Pack Scouter’s team, as well as keeping a controlling eye on the stores.

ATS = Dean Glennie

Dean has recently turned 18 and has stepped up to the Scouter team. He is taking his place as part of a smooth running Scouters team, offering practical support and assisting to the troop. Dean has a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share with the scouts.



APS - Neil “SWON (Scouter With Out Name)”   Purdon

Neil is the most recent addition to the Scouter team, and he has really jumped in feet first. He brought his daughter to Cubs and like Carlo hung around and agreed without too much coercion to join the team. Neil was invested as a Scouter at the same time as his daughter was invested. He has began his Scouter training.